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Introducing The Gpot®

Keeping Your Gravy Hot with a Gpot®

Beautiful Design

With a Wonderful Story

Keeping Roast Dinners Hot

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Cold gravy is a thing of the past with this beautifully simple and elegant new concept in kitchenware. Easy to pour, and with a lid to keep your gravy piping hot while you carve, the Gpot® makes a stylish and eminently practical addition to your dinner table.

Don’t be fooled by those delicate curves reminiscent of Aladdin’s Lamp, this sturdy piece of tableware will easily hold a pint of your delicious gravy. (And like Aladdin’s Lamp, magic will happen when you rub it!)

What’s the secret? The Gpot® is made from English Bone China, a white ceramic clay containing at least 25 per cent bone ash. Renowned for its heat-retaining properties, Bone China tends to be translucent in nature, giving the finished product a refined, sophisticated look.

Dishwasher safe and finished off with a generously-proportioned and witty handle in the shape of a letter G, the G-Pot is the must-have kitchen accessory that everyone is talking about.

Keep it hot with a Gpot®!

Move the slider below to see the future of gravy!

Gravy Boat = Cold Gravy GPot = Hot Gravy

million roast dinners eaten every week in UK alone

million Sunday Roasts a year

million people eat Christmas lunch with gravy in UK on Christmas Day

million Americans eat a Thanksgiving dinner with gravy

That’s a lot of gravy!


If you think the Gpot’s® appearance is intriguing, then you’ll love the story behind its invention, the result of a unique challenge to ‘Create the Impossible’. David Key, the internationally acclaimed transformational coach is the inventor. In his own words …

“The challenge was set by ‘Supercoach’ Michael Neill, a friend and colleague. The aim was for participants to think up a wildly implausible scheme, and over 90 days try to make it happen. You had to choose something with at least an 80% likelihood of failure, so clearly there was no penalty involved. That was the beauty of it. You were supposed to fail.

I didn’t see myself as especially creative, so thought this would be a breeze. (How hard can it be to fail, after all?) As it turned out the first thing I learned was that dreaming up the impossible was not as easy as I’d imagined. Then, at the eleventh hour, the idea came to me …

Sitting with the family around the dinner table one Sunday, I bemoaned the fact that old-fashioned gravy boats are too wide, something I remembered my dad complaining about to my mum more than once when I was a kid. The gravy sits there on the dining table and by the time you’ve got the meat carved it has cooled down from exposure to the air. Looking on the Internet I discovered that many people had tried to tackle this problem over the years but nobody really seemed to have cracked it. What was needed, I thought, was something with a lid, like a teapot but for gravy. My wife Anna piped up, “A Gpot®!”

Be The First To Get Your Own Gpot®


I had my impossible goal. I would create a new kind of gravy boat, and see it on the shelves in a top department store, all in ninety days!

Do you believe in blind coincidence? Personally I’m not sure any more, because soon afterwards I met a series of people who helped me to realise my dream, totally against the odds. At every stage, from the design aspect to the Gpot’s manufacture, to patenting the idea, the right people seemed to pop up at the right time, as if by magic. (Well it does look like a magic lamp!)

In the space of a couple of weeks my guaranteed ‘failure’ figure of 80% seemed to be going into freefall. Cut to the chase. After several meetings and discussions the Gpot® is now a reality. You’re wondering how, in that case, did I fail? Technically I did because I exceeded the time limit, the ninety days were up and the G-pot was not yet on the shelves. But the Gpot® is a reality!

Sometimes our thinking about a goal can actually get in the way of our achieving it. So here’s a thought: if whatever you’re trying to achieve in life is proving difficult, try setting yourself an impossible goal instead!



David Key

Be The First To Get Your Own Gpot®